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Job opening for Management Analyst
Date:2016-3-24 Source:
Position Offered: Management Analyst

Number of Opening: 1.

Job Duties:

1.   Propose ways to improve company's efficiency. Develop a
Requirements Management Plan on how to make company more profitable
through reduced costs and increased revenues;

2.   Conduct new sources research, by tracking a company's web
analytics, search engine ranking, advertising campaign results and
branding across a website to assist management more efficiently and

3.   Work across implement employee selection and placement programs
for company’s development;

4.   Identify and document all business, technical and process
requirements (such as operations procedures, business requirements and
its correlation with management);

5.   Recommend new systems, procedures, or organizational changes and
confer with managers to ensure that the changes are working and

6.   Play a key support role in developing frameworks and analyses to
structure and solve business problems and prioritize corporate

This position needs a Master’s degree in Business Administration or a
related field. Salary will be negotiated   based on experience and


Ling Wang
General Manager
International Classic Communications Inc.
17700 Castleton St. Suite 305
City of Industry, CA 91748
Office: (626)-810-0820


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