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China-US Business Summit Attending Judy Chu's Fundraising Banquet
The Gold • Bamboo CentreStage Finance Salon Came to a Successful Conclusion
Date:2012-12-12 Source:China-US Business Summit

The Gold Bamboo CentreStage Finance Salon, jointly sponsored by the China-US Business Summit and Huamin Chuangfu Holdings Limited, is held at the Hong Kong Jockey Club in Beijing today. The entire venue was fully packed. Only 20 entrepreneurs of the China-US Business Summit Members’ Club participated in the event.

In the event, President of Huamin Chuangfu Holdings Limited Mr. Hui Yang gave a keynote of Truth and Countermeasures for the Wealth Shrink of Chinese Private Entrepreneurs.

Chairman of China-US Business Summit Mr. Steven Shen analyzed the current China-US economic situation for the attending entrepreneurs and spoke about Business Opportunities for China in the American Crisis.

Mr. Shen also answered the questions from many entrepreneurs and received wide praise from the entrepreneurs.

During the interactive sessions, General Manager of the Qingdao Speed International Logistics Company Mr. Changqing Pan expressed high appreciation and recognition of the Summit. Qingdao Speed International Logistics Company participated in the China-US Business Summit 2012.

Before the end of the event, Mr. Shen also presented his book with signature to some of the participating entrepreneurs.

Finally the event ended in a pleasant atmosphere.


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