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China-US Business Summit Attending Judy Chu's Fundraising Banquet
Annual Outstanding Entrepreneur

Annual Outstanding Entrepreneur Awards for the 11th China-US Business Summit

Xuanlin Chen

President of CCI Holdings

Lin Lu
President of Dalian Rocky Island Industry Co., Ltd

Ling Yuan
General Manager of Corporate Relations, Rio Tinto Group China

Xiaoming Cheng
Leader of China New OTC (Over the Counter) Market
Dean of Enterprise Nest New OCT Market School

Tao Tao
Founder & Partner of Costone Capital

Hongtao Li
President of Beijing DongMai Education Group

China-US Business Summit Annual Outstanding Entrepreneur Election Procedures and Standards


1. To Enter the Election:

Candidates may be nominated by any person,but they must be recommended by at least two members of the China-US Business Summit. Only then will the entrepreneur receive a formal nomination and vote from the committee.


2. Election Requirements:

a. Entrepreneurs must have an innovativemind.

b. Entrepreneurs must have contributed to the development of their field.


3. Voting Format:

After being nominated, each committee member votes for a selected candidate. The candidate that has the largest number of votes from the committee is officially selected. This must be more than two-thirds of the total number of the committee population.


4. Winners:

a. Finalists cannot be more than ten people annually. If the number is less than ten, the number remains as is.

b. Finalists from China and the US are notlimited to a specific number on each side.


5. Awards Ceremony:

The annual awards are given at the Opening Ceremony of the China-US Business Summit in downtown Los Angeles. On other occasions, if more than two-thirds of the committee has agreed, then the awards ceremony can be moved to another time and location.

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