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China-US Business Summit Attending Judy Chu's Fundraising Banquet
Annual Outstanding Individual

Annual Outstanding Individual Award for the 11th China-US Business Summit

Li Zhao

Founder of Child Safety Emergency Response

Evaluation and Criteria for the Outstanding Individual Award

The China-US Business Summit’s Outstanding Individual Award is the summit’s highest honor; it is chosen from the event’s active attendees.

Previously, strict rules and time restrictions limited the summit’s Annual Outstanding Individual Award. However, since the 8th summit, the China-US Business Summit has chosen one Chinese winner and one American winner, and it will continue this way each year.

Accordingly, candidates should not hold a criminal record. The annual procedure is as follows: The candidate first becomes nominated by receiving recommendations from at least two of the summit’s committees. Ultimately, the nominee who gains the most votes will win the award.The most votes consist of greater than two-thirds of the committee population.This award remains vacant if no candidates can receive more than two-thirds of the votes.

Using the procedures above, the 8th China-US Business Summit organization chooses two winners to receive the China-US Business Summit’s Outstanding Individual Award.


Under the procedures above, the 8th China-US Business Summit organization has chosen two winners to receive the ‘China-US Business Summit’s Outstanding Individual Award.’

Recipients From Previous Years

Judy Chu

She was the first woman of Chinese descent in the House of Representatives in the United States. Under her encouragement, the House of Representatives agreed to formally apologize to the US for adopting the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882. With the apology, a new chapter was paved for Chinese-Americans. The hero, Judy Chu, is a steel rose who continues to blossom extraordinarily every day.

Marina Tse

Under the influence of the Assistant Minister of the US Department of Education Marina Tse, US elementary and middle school textbooks have finally included Chinese history for discussion. The action made a great contribution for better understanding American and Chinese adolescents. 

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