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China-US Business Summit Attending Judy Chu's Fundraising Banquet
Special Events (2013)
Date:2019-8-7 Source:

Mr. Edward Nixon, brother of former US President Richard Nixon, made a special trip from Seattle to attend the Publication Ceremony of the Chinese edition of The Nixon Family at the Summit’s closing ceremony.

Attending the summit ceremony helped Mr. Nixon realize a long-time dream. One year ago, he authorized the Summit to translate the book The Nixon Family, co-authored by Edward Nixon and another author, into simplified and traditional Chinese to publish it in China and other Chinese-speaking regions around the world.

After a year of hard work, the Summit finally had the book published by a renowned Chinese publisher, Jincheng Press. At the closing ceremony of the summit, Chairman Steven Shen presented the Chinese version of the book to Mr. Edward Nixon.

On stage, the ninety-year-old gentleman spoke emotionally: "I am honored to be here with so many Chinese
entrepreneurs. Better understanding is a prerequisite for successful cooperation. I hope you will all come to the US more often, and I am looking forward to seeing your success." On the first day of the New York Summit,
attendees relived the early days of Sino-US diplomatic relations. And at the closing ceremony, everyone reminisced over the history of Sino-US diplomatic relations. The participating entrepreneurs cherished this rare experience; many had their photos taken with Mr. Nixon, and some asked Mr. Nixon to autograph their English original edition of The Nixon Family.


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